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I’ve been scribbling stories since the fourth grade but Glimmer Girl’s Dance is my first attempt to publish. In addition to the Absinthe Wars series, I also write urban fantasy and have several partial manuscripts. I won a local short story contest in 2013. My winning entry was a decidedly dark paranormal piece.

Me singing lead vocals

Here’s me singing lead vocals

When I’m not writing, I have, at various times, belly danced for money, studied Shotokan karate, sang lead vocals in a couple bands, and conducted geology field work in the Sonoran Desert. I’m fond of cooking, costuming, trying to grow both my social media presence and herbs (my parsley is thriving at the expense of the sage and thyme – rosemary is holding its own), burning Tibetan rope incense, obsessively organizing my pantry, travelling by train, and looking for the alpha male of my dreams.

I am a musician. I play piano, guitar, and recorder. I drum a little, but I mainly sing lead vocals. My musical tastes are eclectic – everything from madrigals to metal. For my own singing, I’m inspired by female artists like Loreena McKennit, Candice Night (Blackmore’s Night lead vocalist), Mindy Smith, Jacqui McShee (Pentangle lead vocalist), Joy Williams (The Civil Wars), and many more. I miss all my band mates every day!

I enjoy exploring Ventura. What a great town that really embodies the SoCal surfer/artsy vibe. You might find me browsing in gift shops, doing some beachcombing, or spending time with my sixteen-year-old daughter. At home I like to putter around in the kitchen, mixing up random salads, casseroles, and soups, or baking cookies and brownies. I prefer low-key activities like watching the sun set at the beach, parking myself on a blanket in the back yard for a meteor shower, lighting candles and drinking gin and tonics. I also collect fossils.  I love all things French – witness my Eiffel Tower collection. I admit to a certain obsession with Japan and Japanese things. Also fond of empires–British and Roman in particular.

I have a B.A. in English from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. It’s a great place to spend four years among amazing people, and I can’t recommend it enough.

I’m something of a nomad. I’ve moved over 30 times and have lived in six states–Minnesota, Connecticut, West Virginia, Texas, Arizona, and California. Everywhere I have lived has beauty, wonder, good people, and its own set of problems. There is no paradise, but I venture to say that Minnesota in the fall, Texas during wildflower season, Arizona in the winter, and Southern California most of the time come pretty close. My techno-nomadic life would not be possible without the internet and social media, which allow me to stay in touch with dear friends scattered far and wide across the U.S. and around the world.I have a professional background in marketing, public relations, communications, training, compliance, information security, and documentation. My scholarly interests include igneous petrology, Celtic mythology, empires (Roman, British), Shakespeare, geopolitics, and more.

I’m shaped by many life experiences, both bitter and sweet–motherhood, divorce, a close friend’s suicide, the love and friendship of people I care about most. I’ve watched the sun set at Badwater in Death Valley, danced for tourists on Venice Beach, climbed on the still steaming lava on the Big Island in Hawaii, performing at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach, explored an ice cave near Sunset Crater in northern Arizona, danced in the night show at a California renaissance festival, climbed out of the Grand Canyon in a snowstorm, felt the booms in the 1812 overture played live by the Boston Pops during their Fourth of July concert, watched a space shuttle launch, explored Roman ruins in a French field, watched my daughter sail off to California’s Channel Islands on the Tole Mour tall ship, sang a duet with Miss Rochester at Summer at the Plummer, watched the fire dancers at Burning Man, saw the aurora borealis from the window of my sleeping car on the train in Canada, saw a humpback whale jump out of the water next to our boat off Maui, went to an underground party in Los Angeles with my band mates, ate dim sum in San Francisco’s Chinatown, and so much more.


Art by Cam Anh Nguyen