Glimmer girls, like my heroine, Remy, are survivors. They are dancers who, together with their drummers, perform for coins on the streets of Aedan. Sometimes they make good money, but they tend to live close to the edge, struggling to pay rent, buy food, and replace worn costumes that are often little more than rags. Nonetheless glimmer girls live a life many an ordinary citizen considers exotic and romantic, although the reality is considerably more gritty.

Glimmer Girls2Aedan’s glimmer girls combine a number of concepts, borrowing from geishas, gypsies, courtesans, and belly dancers. They dance for any audience. For a few coins, you can kiss a glimmer girl. You might find one sitting beside you in a tavern, ready to be your dinner companion, if you buy her drinks and her meal. A glimmer girl knows how to be the ideal companion for the man in whose company she finds herself, flattering them, engaging in conversation, a little flirting, a kiss or two. However, a glimmer girl will not sleep with you although many a man on Trymia and the other colony planets dreams of such an opportunity.Glimmer Girls

Glimmer girls add color and beauty to the streets and squares of Aedan in their brightly colored costumes, adorned with sequins and tiny bells, with their wild hair and graceful figures. Glimmer girls vary in their dance styles, but they are all accompanied by a drummer, often a husband or lover. On the other hand, the drummers for Remy’s friends and fellow dancers break this pattern. Mirabelle dances with a female drummer named Sage, while Jasmine dances with her Uncle Dai.Remy Torso

If you are curious as to what sort of drumming Remy dances, I recommend:

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