I have nearly 30 years of professional writing and editing experience in addition to my B.A. in English. I have edited novels and short stories for both published and soon-to-be published writers.

I love proofreading, indeed I do so compulsively with all text that passes before my eyes. I also enjoy copy editing. However, I have found I particularly enjoy forensic edits of draft manuscripts that involve elements of developmental and substantive editing to focus on:

  • Establishing consistent and clear character, voice, and POV.
  • Ensuring your characters are believable and their motivations and actions appear genuine rather than contrived.
  • Reworking awkwardly constructed sentences, scenes, and chapters as necessary to improve flow.
  • Suggesting additions or deletions to/from the overall plot.
  • Verifying historical and physical details to enhance overall believability.

I am also happy to go through a largely complete manuscript and focus on line or copy edits, correcting spelling, punctuation, grammar, noting and correcting “wrong word” usage, noting things that spellcheck will never catch.

How much does it cost?

For proofreading, I charge $3 a page, for copy editing, I charge $4 a page, and for content editing I charge $7.50 a page.

Steampunk stripe skirtI will always do a free chapter edit, both to determine whether your work is something I feel I can improve and to ensure that it appeals to me in terms of genre and content. Not every editor is right for every manuscript. I’m a busy writer, but if I love your manuscript, I would be happy to help you on your journey to publication. Finding a good match between author, editor, and the work at hand helps ensure thoughtful, appropriately tailored edits that will benefit both your manuscript and your reputation as a writer.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me at aperriment@gmail.com. Thank you!

Annie Perriment